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Pole/jump exercises

Layout for schooling courses. I like the four jumps with one standard in common in the middle.

Jumping Exercise

The accuracy of your cues and your horse’s willingness to listen and cooperate are critical to smooth and accomplished riding.

horse jumping exercise

Canter down red line (left canter) , jump fence at angle (flying change to right lead). Complete other fences.

Spiral Jumping Exercise

I like this just as poles on the ground! Spiral Jumping Exercise - would also be good for contesting/trail horses as just simple cavaletti.

Gymnastic jumping exercises are beneficial for both horse and rider. For myself, this exercise helps my eye, position, and straightness. For the horse, it improves flexibility, strength, and coordination. I like putting the trot poles in first, to make them be patient for the cross rail, then build up to a vertical, and lastly an oxer :) you can put a two stride in there as well. #schoolingsecrets

Exercise - i like adding in the phase's and i like the build from controlled trot to gradual release and stretch at the oxer. Do nothing but balance the horse. I'd also like to see this done in reverse order. from stretch, to coming back into control a