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a painting of a blue butterfly sitting on top of a flower
a painting of a butterfly sitting on top of a yellow flower
watercolor painting of white daffodils with green stems
a sailboat in the water with words above it that read, kids & adults will love it
Acrylic Painting Tutorial | Summer Art for Kids
Learn how to paint a sailboat in an impressionistic style. This online art tutorial is perfect for kids and beginners. You will have a blast using chunky brushstrokes and bright colors to create your own canvas art! This is fun summer art for kids!
a painting of purple flowers and a bee
four ice cream popsicles painted in purple and yellow on white paper, each with a single bite taken out of it
Popsicle Painting on Canvas | Summer Art for Kids
These tasty-looking popsicle paintings were done with acrylics by kids ages 8-11. This is definitely a favorite summer art project for kids!
four paintings of watermelon slices on paper
Watermelon Painting for Kids | Summer Art Ideas
These watermelon paintings look sweet enough to eat. They were created by kids ages 6-13 at Art Spot Studio. The students learned about one point perspective, got to draw on the table, and practiced using rulers, mixed lots of paint colors, and had tons of fun! This is a great summer art project for kids! #summerart #watermelonpainting
a painting of grass blowing in the wind
GUEST ARTIST: "Finding My Voice" by Nesrine Ziadi ~ Doodlewash®
a painting of a butterfly on a white background
an oil painting of pink daisies on a blue and green background, with leaves in the foreground
Painting Pink Daisies from Start to Finish | Painting Tutorials for Beginners
three strawberries on a blue background are painted with acrylic paint and have green leaves
Painting the Everyday | Paint Still Life Fruit Studies and Develop a Daily Painting Practice | Elle Byers | Skillshare