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there is a collage of pictures showing how to make an ornament
Weaving with Kids
Teach your kids how to weave with all your leftover scraps.
a piece of paper that has been tied up to a circle with two blue pins on it
Weaving with children -Easy DIY idea with instructions - | Best Knitting Ideas
Weaving with children -Easy DIY idea with instructions #children #instructions #weaving
three different pictures of colorful yarn and wooden pegs with the words woven craft stick butterflies
14 Fun St. Patrick's Day Crafts for Kids
Colourful Craft Stick Butterflies using a God's Eye weaving technique for the wings #yarncraftsforkids
four different types of macrame hangings on a white wall, one with multicolored pom - poms
Weaving with Kids
make cardboard looms and show little kids how to weave and you will be amazed by what they can make
the wall hangings are made out of colorful beads
Rainbow Weavings with Koolaid Dyed Yarn
Kids dye their own chunky wool yarn with Koolaid, then make small weaving on cardboard looms.
four different types of knitted objects hanging on a wall
Le lin et le chanvre européen
sculpture textile : branches et laine, Aurélie Mathigot, femmes artistes
the instructions for making paper plates with yarn
there is a rock that has been made with yarn on it and some knitting needles next to it
three pictures showing how to make a crochet project with yarn and wood sticks
Branch Weaving
Make a beautiful weaving from an ordinary branch ~ the technique intrigues me with potential use of more natural colored fibers ...
a piece of metal wire sitting on top of a wooden floor
Branch Weaving
Branch weaving is sort of a combination of yarn bombing (which I would love to do someday on a massive scale) and a dream catcher. It is different and fun to be able to bring an item from nature into the home as an art piece. I first saw branch weaving on the blog Natural Suburbia when I was searching for a fun craft to do with my son. He is a nature lover and very much a little artist so I knew this would be a perfect project for him. We went out and searched for the 'perfect' small branch f...
a person is weaving on a tree branch with white yarn in the shape of a triangle
Branch Weaving
branch weaving...such a fun idea for kids while camping or in the fall.
a basket filled with lots of different colored items
Keeping this for inspiration. No instructions.