Or I believe in God Today, little is said Papp Váryné Sziklay Serena's name, but the older generation still remember a little poem that kept the Trianon dismembered country's inhabitants of the soul: "I believe in God, I believe in a house, I believe in God the eternal Truth, I believe in the resurrection of Hungary. "

I believe in God, I believe in my country, I believe in God's eternal truth, I believe in the resurrection of Hungary!

Hungary: Magyar Hiszekegy - the "national prayer" of the Horthy era.

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Kingdom of Hungary Interwar poster calling for return of Hungarian lands removed by the Treaty of Trianon

hungarian matchbox label

(source) There's a stark, graphic beauty to be found in vintage matchbox labels… resulting from the bold design approach needed to accommodate a combination of coarse and absorbent substrates, low-.


Fery Antal: Téli ruhát a honvédeinknek!

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