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the back end of a car with two subs in it
Is your audio system ready for a summer road trip? The team at our West Carrollton store recently brought this Chevy Tahoe’s aging audio system up-to-date with a new JVC receiver, an Arc Audio amplifier, and a trio of JL Audio subwoofers in a ported enclosure! To learn more about what we can do for your vehicle, visit any of our four locations (California Custom Sounds Beavercreek, California Custom Sounds West Carrollton/Moraine, Stereo-In-Dash North Dixie, and Stereo-In-Dash South).
the back end of a car with an amplifier and subwoofer in it
Speaker music block
the inside of a vehicle with many wires and other electrical equipment in its back compartment
Got my amp rack installed!!!!
the interior of a car with an air vent
#cartensaudio tweeter custom mount
there is a speaker in the center console of this car's dash board and door handle
Highly detailed teeeter mount
the inside of a car with steering wheel controls and other items in it's center console
the interior of a car with an automatic radio and speaker system in it's center console
the wiring diagram shows how to wire an eq and crossoverer for each other
How To Wire An EQ And Crossover For Car Audio + Diagrams And More!
an orange car with two speakers in the trunk
Marine Audio Range Making a Splash
some electronics are sitting in the back of a car with wires running through them and plugged up
Amplifier rack
the inside of a car trunk with wires and electronic equipment in it's compartment
The entire system is powered with a pair of high-performance amplifiers from AudioControl, including a LC-4.800 and an Epicenter 1200. All of this massive output was integrated with the factory radio/receiver using JL Audio’s FiX OEM integration DSP and tuned for superb sound quality using JL Audio's TwK system tuning DSP.