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R.I.P Diet Cupcakes / Funny Pictures, Funny Quotes – Photos, Quotes, Images, Pics

Rip diet cupcakes for Halloween.


Don't skip your meals! What's your favorite meal or foods to eat to lose weight?

Portions for each menu!

breakfast/lunch/dinner portions After nutrition this would be very helpful!

male milk

Man Breastfeeding Baby With Milk Taped To Chest

Minden étkezés előtt igyunk egy nagy pohár vizet!

I drink 64 oz (minimum) a day. Staying hydrated is a great way to stay healthy and it is great for your skin. It is also a wonderful way to not add extra calories to your daily diet. Love it. Can't live without it.

Yoga Bear

yoga bear yogi bear Yoga Bear Parody Design by Marco Angeles

Baby and Beer Bellies :-)

baby belly/ beer belly hahahahaha that's funny

vegan: raw chocolate banana shake...

Stay skinny Gluten Free recipes, meals to desserts.: Skinny Chocolate Smoothie and Blizzard (Almond Milk Recipe)