April sure ain't havin' that baby, so let's make our own! Meet the baby giraffe bookmark crochet pattern. ♥

Baby Giraffe Bookmark Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

April sure ain't havin' that baby so I decided that we need our own giraffe baby. An adorable amigurumi giraffe bookmark crochet pattern.

Bunny Rabbit Bookmark Crochet Pattern

The Reading Bunny Bookmark - Free Crochet Pattern

Elephant Bookmark Crochet Pattern

Webster the Elephant Bookmark Free Crochet Pattern

Webster the amigurumi elephant bookmark is simply adorable. Add a bow to the top of the head to make him more "girlie" or simply leave him as is.

Frog Bookmark Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

The Page Finding Frog Bookmark - Free Crochet Pattern

The page finding frog bookmark - a free crochet pattern in our collection of animal bookmarks! Whip one up today for the frog lover in your life.

Beautiful lace cross crochet pattern ... free too!

Lacy Cross Crochet Pattern

This pretty cross crochet pattern uses a small steel hook and cotton crochet thread.