Faberge egg

Faux faberge egg, modern design by J. Grahl Design in Newport Beach, CA Balboa Park Carousel Egg

Faberge Easter Egg with Horse Carousel Trinket Box by Keren Kopal Music Box | eBay

Reproduction Faberge Easter Egg with Horse Carousel Trinket Box by Keren Kopal Music Box

1912 Mosaic Egg

1914 : "Mosaic Egg" Gift van Nicholas II to Alexandra Feodorovna Made in Saint Petersburg Owner: HM Queen Elizabeth II, England Height: cm (height miniature: cm)

Fabergé Easter Egg Silver, engraved and partially gilded with blue guilloché enamel, oval cabochon rubies, round and oval cabochon tourmalines, and rose cut diamonds; with nephrite jade pedestal. Egg topped by an Imperial double-headed Romanov eagle, and opens to reveal a gold and enameled elephant. Workmaster Henrik Immanuel Wigström. With original case in birch and silk and Imperial coat of arms. (detail)

Henrik Immanuel Wigström, for Fabergé Taminisaari 1923 Easter Egg Silver, engraved and partially gilded, 'guilloché' enamel, rub

Russian Court Jeweler Carl Faberge' (1846-1920) who produced some truly magnificent specimens.

Limoges Gold Birdcage Musical Egg with Singing Bird :: A limited edition piece, it is hand-painted, gold incrustation Limoges porcelain egg. Like all Faberge Imperial eggs, each egg comes with a surprise. The surprise in this egg is a miniature Re

Faberge' Egg

1887 Blue Serpent Clock - These different photographs show two different front panels under the stationary snake indicating the hour, suggesting a rotation of the base has taken place.

1914 Catherine the Great Egg

Imperial Fabergé Egg No. the Catherine the Great Egg or Grisaille Egg. Emperor Nicholas II to Dowager Empress Maria Feodorovna. This is a side view of the egg.

The Spring Flowers Egg

eggs__"Fabergé Spring Flower Egg by Workmaster Mikhail Perchin, prior to 1899