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Shabby mit, simple and beautiful

Beautiful spring decoration from the Danish floral designer Annette Von Einem.

picture only Cut branch / attach shallow dish and cover outside of dish with twigs / use force bulb method in dish

Wunderschöne Frühlingsdeko

blooming plant with a modern interpretation - Glass vase filled with spring plant

Mancher Eiertanz zuckt hoch! :-) ‪#‎Osterdeko‬ ‪#‎Straußenei‬ ‪#‎Nest‬ ‪#‎Rebenring‬ ‪#‎Raumschmuck‬ ‪#‎Floristik‬  EBK-Blumenmönche Blumenhaus – Google+

Spring Equinox: At the

Herfst ♡ ~Rustic Living ~GJ *  Kijk ook eens op mijn blog:

Photo diary: de woonweek van Bianca Dudink

Asparagus fern and twig wreath

innerspace | interior design blog: flowers | jane packer

white tulips and pussy willow branches design inspired by jane packer photo credit lisa walsh innerspace

This has definite possibilities.

Osterdeko: Natürliche Osternester mit Frühlingsblumen :: BLOOM's straight in the earth? or larger pot smaller nest.though love the generosity of the nest

xxl ca.42 handarbeit Türkranz-Türkränze-Wandkranz-Natur Ostern Frühling

Graham and Brown 57218 Darcy Wallpaper, Pearl

New Lace White/Ivory Wedding Dress Bridal Wedding Gown Size 6 8 10 12 14 16

Summer WreathHydrangea WreathFrosty WreathElegant - minus the bow

seidenfeins Dekoblog: Dies und Das am Sonntag * This and that on Sunday

Dies und Das am Sonntag * This and that on Sunday

easter mixmedia eggs

easter mixmedia eggs

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【冬の花色配色】グリーン&ゴールド クリスマス&お正月の2パターン使える!簡単スワッグ作り方つき

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I love doing these Colour Stories with Greta Kenyon and Naomi from Leaf & Honey, and this one was especially fun, not to mention pretty! The florals that Naomi created in shades of beautiful plum, lilac and peach are just … Continue reading →

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The next time I have a bride who wants a baby's breath bouquet I'm going to suggest something like this.

Amaryllis arrangement

Amaryllis arrangement alajuela 215605 wielkanoc strona 4

What a beautiful wreath idea for Ostara.