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Warrior Princesses

Warrior Princesses >>> Apparently Jasmine grew an extra finger? How else could she hold 5 blades in the 4 spaces between her 5 fingers?

LMAO #61 - Today 38 New Conceptual GIFs - Page 2 of 4

Nihonbashi Koukashita R Keikaku gif from our IA Music Video project. (this gif is a mix of many animators including me) Directed by Takuya Hosogane ◎原画animation: りょーちもRyo-Timo♦ ヨツベ♦ Bahi JD ♦ Rapparu♦山下清悟Shingo Yamashita♦中川英樹 ♦泉本二機.

vaguely transparent

“ Genius Party Beyond → Dimension Bomb, by Koji Morimoto.