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The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking: DIY Reusable Produce Bags

DIY Reusable Produce Bags

I meant to post this on Monday for Earth Day, but life happens, right? (Besides, every day is a good day to become better caretakers of this precious earth we enjoy!) Most of us by now have a decent stash of cloth grocery bags for packing up our groceries at the check-out, but still rely on the plastic produce bags for small fruits and veggies. These easy homemade reusable produce bags are a simple way to reduce the amount of trash your family generates. I made 8 bags in less than an hour…

This Is What A Zero-Waste Grocery Store Looks Like

This Is What A Zero-Waste Grocery Store Looks Like

It's difficult enough for one person to live a zero-waste lifestyle ; can you imagine if an entire grocery store tried it? Well, one market in Berlin, Germany is actually making it happen. At Original Unverpackt , you won't find produce bags, paper bags, or, well, any kind of bags.

mobile produce stand


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La vague des épiceries sans emballages a le vent en poupe !

Cela fait à peine quelques jours qu'une nouvelle épicerie lilloise a décidé d'emboîter le pas à un type de vente qui séduit de plus en plus : proposer des produits sans emballage et en vrac.

Packaging free grocery-store - you bring your own containers and fill them from bulk bins. Pretty brilliant.

America’s First Packaging-Free Grocery Store

It’s such a smart idea it’s a wonder that it doesn’t exist in this country already: a grocery store entirely free of packaging. No bags, Styrofoam, plastic, or paper — just bulk-style food. Fill your own containers with grains, spices, and even wine and beer. Is it coming to your neighborhood?America’s first packaging-free grocery, In.gredients, is slated to open in Austin, TX this fall.

This Zero-Waste Grocery Store Has No Packaging, Plastic Or Big-Name Brands | True Activist

This Zero-Waste Grocery Store Has No Packaging, Plastic Or Big-Name Brands

A zero-waste grocery store recently opened its doors in Germany and everyone should get excited. 80% of items sold in supermarkets is wrapped in toxic packaging. In effect, Americans still produce near 3 pounds of trash

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Tastemakers :: in.gredients

The Brothers Lane will be satisfied at nothing. No waste, that is. Founders of the country’s first zero-waste grocery, brothers Joseph, Patrick, and Christian Lane, along with partner Christopher Pepe, were concerned about how much food packaging gets thrown in...

Lille day by day zero waste store= how cool is this? many things old come back around --

Good News! Another ‘Zero Waste’ Grocery Store Opens in France

High quality bulk ingredients, as long as you bring your own container -- sounds like my kind of dream store!


In.gredients - Possibly the coolest grocery store ever - REconomy

Here’s a great article about a “packaging-free grocery store” written by Beth Terry and originally posted here. We think you will find it so inspirational that you might want to start up your own in your local community. After learning about the devastating effects of plastic pollution on the environment and human health, accountant Beth …

Zero Waste Grocery Shopping

Done With Excess Food Packaging? Some Grocery Stores Are.

This story originally appeared on Mother Nature Network. If you've ever been annoyed with the bag of cereal inside a box (why not just have a bag,...

The New Zero Waste Grocery Store – An Idea from the Past

The New Zero Waste Grocery Store – an Idea from the Past

Zero waste stores is a new term, but it's an old concept. What does the past teach us about less packaging, less consumption, and fewer items to throw away?

In.gredients | Thrillist

Waste not, want this

Stuffing the junkyard of your stomach while lessening our reliance on landfills, In.gredients is a Manorhood grocer aiming to come as close to zero-waste as possible by encouraging you to bring your own containers for everything except meat and dairy, whose packaging is closely regulated by the state to ensure dangerous bacteria doesn't get

In.gredients -- Possibly the Coolest Grocery Store Ever » My Plastic-free Life

Living Life with Less Plastic since 2007. waste grocery! gotta love Austin

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