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a must do baby photo op! How fun with this be for a 1st birthday shoot... Making the cake, smash the cake, bubble bath after cake
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What a wonderful idea that you can continue to use as your child progresses to school. As a smart person commented, as your child reaches high school, they could be holding a chalk board with the grade written on it. I always had the kids signify their grade by holding up their fingers. But the pained look on their faces by high school discouraged me not to insist on that little detail.
brothers/child photos If only I knew somebody with at lease 3 boys..... :)
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I want to share with you one of the wedding poses I collaborated from other photos I found online. I think it turned out wonderfully. Photo by Denley Thiessen.
great idea for a photo, I love how happy and impressed he looks
Kaden already does this!!! So cute!!