Nyelvtan feladatlapok 2-3. évfolyam számára

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two squares with smiley faces on them and the words in different languages are written below
an image of a snake with two circles in front of it and the words on each side
an animal that is sitting on top of a yellow sign with words in spanish and english
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an animal's life cycle is shown with pictures and information about it, including the animals
an image of a computer screen with text
an animal and its surroundings are shown in this worksheet with pictures on it
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an image of a question sheet with soccer players
an image of a computer screen with text on it
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a fish is shown in the middle of a chart with words and pictures on it
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two different types of scissors are shown in this diagram
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an image of different types of animals and their names in english, spanish, and german
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a table with different colors and numbers for each item in the text box, which is also
the printable table for each student's class
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an image of a computer screen with the words and symbols in english, spanish, and german