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Do you ever lose it and go totally, freak-out mad when you get angry?  Well you're in good company.  Find out which Disney villain is your match when you're at your worst!  This is hilarious!!!

Which Disney Villain Are You Like When You Get Angry? Maleficent's your mad-match when you're angry. You're one formidable villain that don't just get mad, you get even.You plot and plan your revenge and even breathe fire when you get really angry!

What Disney Princess Do You Look Like?

What Disney princess do you look like? Snow White Your beauty is known all around. You never stop amazing people around you. You find that people are often jealous of you, but that never stops you. Also Snow White looks like Kristen Stewart.

Princesses With Realistic Hair Part 1, This is on my beauty board because a girl's gotta keep it real.

Funny pictures about Disney Princesses With Realistic Hair. Oh, and cool pics about Disney Princesses With Realistic Hair. Also, Disney Princesses With Realistic Hair photos.