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an old poster with a house in the middle of snow covered mountains and people on skis
Winter in Yugoslavia ~ Janez Trpin
an old travel poster shows two people standing in front of the big ben clock tower
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Resultado de imagen para paises vintage
an old poster shows a train going through the countryside with mountains in the back ground
Vintage Travel Poster - Austria
this is an advertisement for the new york city rail system, featuring two women and a dog
Vintage UK Railway Poster
an old poster shows a building with towers and a vase in front of the words ravenna
AntikBar Original Vintage Posters
Original Vintage Posters -> Travel Posters -> Ravenna ENIT Italy - AntikBar
an image of a city skyline with the name philadelphia on it's back ground
Lantern Press Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Retro Skyline (9x12 Art Print, Wall Decor Travel Poster)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - Retro Skyline (Wall Decor Vintage Travel Poster) #affiliate
a woman sitting on the ground holding skis
Hamol Ultra, (Swiss) suncream. A beautiful poster by artist Victor Rutz printed in stone-lithography in 1940 by printer Paul Bender from Zürich. Image courtesy
a painting of four giraffes standing together
Monkeys on a Plane
SAS AFRICA GIRAFFE / Artwork: Otto Nielsen
an elephant is standing in front of a group of people and has the words visit india written on it
David Pollack Vintage Posters
DP Vintage Posters - Visit Holy Isipatana India Original Travel Poster - ca 1930s Artist: Dorrie Newsome
an african airways poster with an elephant and a plane in the sky above it, which reads africa by sas
AntikBar Original Vintage Posters
Otto Nielsen artwork
an old poster with boats in the water and buildings on the other side of it
Publicidade-1930 - Portugal
an image of two men in uniforms from the british army, one holding a flag
Vintage Poster
an advertisement for the red star line in new york
Red Star Line, vintage travel poster
an advertisement for the trans siberian express, with a map in red and yellow on it
soviet poster
soviet poster