If I stay(Ha maradnék)/örök kedvenc <3 /

Based on the best-selling novel, If I Stay movie is a drama about Mia who, caught between life and death for one day, has to make an important decision.

P.S. I love you

"Kissing her would be the end of life as we know it" ps. I love you P. I Love You .I adore this movie

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Nővérem húga

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Dakota Fanning Photo: "Now Is Good" - Promotional Stills.

The Last Song

Closer 💔😈 Probably the strangest choice on my list in terms of romance as some parts of this film are the total opposite.

Sweat November

Net Photo: Charlize Theron in Sweet November Image ID: . Pic of Sweet November - Latest Sweet November Image.


Love the movie(Safe Haven) and love this song! Carlile - Hearts Content (OST Safe Haven)