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a stove top oven sitting inside of a kitchen next to a wooden counter and door
Cordwood Flooring by Sunny in sunny Arizona
Cordwood flooring with instructions. If we can't save the floors in the kitchen, maybe this would be an option?
two men are working on the framing of a wooden structure that is being constructed into a house
Masonry and wood
Wood is sometimes used in a masonry type of construction, known as cordwood construction, stackwood construction, or stackwall construction. Cordwood consists of logs that have been cut into lengths which are suitable for burning in a fireplace or woodstove, around 16 inches to around 24 inches in length (~40 cm to 60 cm). This wood can be split or left in the round. The length of the logs is the thickness of a wall to be built. Nice thick walls: very strong and good insulators.
a knife sharpener sitting on top of a table next to a washer and dryer
Tablesaw blade guard dust collection. More
DIY SMART SAW: Tablesaw blade guard dust collection. More
Homemade mite rsaw
Homemade mite rsaw
Homemade mite rsaw
a large piece of wood sitting on top of a cement floor
Railroad track anvil
This was my second home made anvil. It seemed like a good idea but the overall weight was to low and I never really used it much.
the workbench paper roll dispenser is on sale
This DIY workbench paper roll dispenser is perfect for keeping your work surface free of paint drips and spills!
the train tracks are lined up along the side of the fenced in area with mulch on the ground
20 Super Easy DIY Firewood Racks
This is a simple DIY firewood rack we found on ‘Indulgy‘… Just lay pipe on top of concrete footings from the home improvement store, then stack your wood! Great economical way to keep your wood off the ground and draining properly from the weather.
two pictures showing the process of building a house with wood and stonework on it
Wooden house, nice design.
Unusual, and very interesting-looking, house made of log slabs.
the inside of a building being built with wooden framing
Shed Plans - outdoor shed decorations wood storage shed - Now You Can Build ANY Shed In A Weekend Even If You've Zero Woodworking Experience! #shedstorage
a wooden gazebo with a metal roof in the middle of a wooded area, surrounded by tall trees
DIY Post and Beam Shed | PEERLESS POST AND BEAM SHEDS AND STRUCTURES (Ladysmith) in Victoria ...
a dog house made out of pallets and wooden slats on the ground next to a garage door
Edenballycoggill Workshop | Furniture Maker Northern Ireland
Black-Log-Store / Firewood Storage
a wooden shed with logs in it
Firewood Storage
Firewood Storage on Pinterest | Firewood Shed, Firewood Rack and ...