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a giraffe reaching up to the sky at night with a crescent moon in the background
Writing From the Dark Side of Your Brain: Get to Know Your Inner Villain.
I’ve recently read parts of Dr. James Fallon’s book, The Psychopath Inside: A Neuroscientist’s Personal Journey into the Dark Side of the…
a hand holding a glass jar filled with water and stars in the sky at night
10 Dicas rápidas sobre maquiagem
an open window in a dark room at night
"I'm dying." "Huh?" "I can't- I can't feel my arms. Am I dying Jack?" "You can't feel your arms? What's the matter Suga?" "I'm dying."
a hot air balloon flying through the night sky
black and white photograph of a man wrapped up in cloth with his head tied back
لاتستغربين أن حدثتك عن الحب وقلت لك في النهاية أنني لا اصلح له أن قضيت ايام اقنعك بالبقاء وانا من يغيب فأنا احيانا أكون نعش يحمل الموتى واحيانا أكون مسرح يزف العاشقين فلا تستغربين أن أطلقت الرصاص وانا أستمع الي الموسيقي
a black and white photo of a woman with an umbrella in front of her face
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