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three oranges painted on ceramic mugs sitting on a white sheet, one being held up by a hand
SOM’S CLAY | Oranut I-Thita (@somsclay) • Fotos e vídeos do Instagram
two cups and saucers with oranges on them
four flowered bowls and three cups on a white tablecloth with red polka dots
Beybi Cups
Look like a babe #ceramics #handmade #coffeelover #ceramicart
a plate with the letter c painted on it and flowers in the center, sitting on a wooden surface
beautiful ceramic mug wall planters by @cleoneceramics
a hand holding a coffee mug with flowers painted on it in front of stacks of cups
Checkered Floral Pottery
three plates with blue and white designs on them next to an orange, fork and knife
a bowl with oranges painted on it sitting on top of a wooden table next to a knife
Assiette creuse - Peinture sur céramique 🍊
a hand holding a paper plate with pink flowers painted on the side and green leaves
Vaisselle en céramique peinte aux couleurs vives, printemps, personnalisé, porte-bagues, mariage, cadeau de demoiselles d'honneur, Pâques 2024, porte-bijoux, vide-poches, cadeau pour maman, personnel - Etsy France
Plats en céramique peints à la main lumineux personnalisé - Etsy France
a person holding a blue and white plate with an octopus on it's side
Peinture sur céramique - Assiette