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Remény Alapitvány: A legfinomabb túrós tekercs, még a rétesnél is fenségesebb!

Hotové do pol hodinky: Domáce rožteky plnené šunkou!

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Buns with nut filling Ingredients: For the dough: 1 kg plain flour 130 grams. Sahara 2 teaspoons salt without slides 20 grams of dry trembling

Kipróbált Meggyes pudingos pite recept egyenesen a Receptneked.

Csokoládés gyümölcskenyér (Citromhab)

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A megunhatatlan sós perec

The most impressive way to bring rolls to a family gathering. I used a family butter roll recipe, filled the rolls with homemade pestos and used the tutorial in this picture. Surprisingly EASY and so fantastic! This looks like fun!