Melinda Ordasi
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Collezione Cocoon: anello in oro arancio con brillanti
FRIDA KAHLO with Black cat . Printable collage sheet . digital graphic image download .078. $4.69, via Etsy.
O que podemos aprender com o design de joias da Dinamarca | Tendere
This skinny very thin ivory vanilla white faceted semitransparent ring is made from high quality eco resin. The ring contains sparkled imitation yellow gold flakes. This resin ring is perfect for stacking. My resin jewellery is cast in handmade by me silicone molds, hand sanded and hand polished. Minor imperfections may result such as tiny bubbles. My resin rings are comfortable to wear and dont have raw, sharp or unfinished edges. Each ring is unique and slightly different, please keep in…
Kristine Bolhuis | Profile - Society of North American Goldsmiths
Made out of eco-friendly resin, this semitransparent mint-colored ring contains shimmering rose-gold flakes.
au fil du temps | Reverso 2011
epoxy resin and sterling silver pendant/ring by filip vanas
Ute Decker In praise of Shadows - earrings
Jenny Sweetnam boucle d'oreille Swivel