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three plates and two bowls sitting on a white wooden table with one empty bowl in the middle
Aqua, the new hand-crafted tableware in Portuguese style earthenware transforms every table into a summer tableau. The dishes and bowls, available in different shades of blue, bring a breath of fresh air during the sultry summer months.
a white clock hanging on the wall with black and white designs painted on it's face
Tis could be a really neat clay slab project if u found those inexpensive clock hands and per cut the holes for them. Even just abstract with a circle in the center to represent a clock face.
three white bowls sitting side by side on a gray surface with one empty bowl in the middle
All hand made ceramic pieces by Fanny Laugier (France). Photography by Sebastien Duguy.
four bowls sitting side by side on a white surface, each with different colors and shapes
It’s What’s Inside That Counts
Kerry Hastings Ceramics
there are many different colored coffee cups on the table with one cup in the middle
Vol.23 杉尾信康さんのうつわ
japanese pottery [} i'm going to try something like this in blue.
six spoons are lined up on a wooden table with blue and white designs in them
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Love, love, love these whimsical spoons. These ceramic serving spoons are each one-of-a-kind and hand built in my studio. All the glazes I use are food safe, and being stoneware, they are oven safe as well.
a wooden bowl sitting on top of a blue and brown plate next to a cup
waves in the sand
Tri Lukne This peice is so simple with cool earth toned colors. Another cool thing about it is how frail and thin it looks. This remeinds me of ancient cultures and how their dishes might have been.
a blue vase sitting on top of a wooden table next to bowls and spoons
Salt Pig or Salt Cellar Unglazed on the Inside in Slate Blue - Etsy
this is a great little salt pig. the unglazed inside keeps salt from clumping as it absorbs the moisture.
a blue and white plate sitting on top of a pink table
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Barbarah Robertson Pottery #dinner #kitchen #dining #pottery #handmade #stoneware #plate #Etsy
two white and blue ceramic ornaments on a black surface with a silver ribbon around them
Purple crackle ceramic snowflake decorations
purple crackle ceramic snowflake decorations - tags for favors?