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four coasters with white stitching on them sitting on a wooden table top next to each other
Sashiko - Create Whimsy
a tea pot and two napkins on a wooden table
Sashiko! Sashiko! Rah rah rah!
a tea pot and two place mats on a table with a cup of green tea
shizuka tea-for-two set
an image of a flower with diamonds on it and the words ebay written in english
Jewellery Making Beads for sale | eBay
an embroidered piece of cloth with white circles on it
an embroidered dragonfly on the back of a green cloth with white thread and stitching
an embroidered snowflake is shown on a blue background with white stitching and lines
Sashiko Snowflake Table Runner - Pattern
several circular designs are shown in different colors and sizes, each with an individual's own design
an autumn card with leaves and sunflowers in the center, which reads argon rad azz adis
Erdélyi keresztények: A többiek mondhatnak, amit akarnak!
Erdélyi keresztények: A többiek mondhatnak, amit akarnak!
a red christmas card with a white tree on it's side and words below
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Magyar karácsony! - Szent Család,Pelbárt Ibolya Brigitta, - kolozsijudit Blogja - 2013-12-15 11:04
a green and white wallpaper with leaves and flowers on the bottom half of it
Annesley Voysey