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an empty swimming pool surrounded by stone steps
Piscina com revestimento Atol Decortiles
Parece pedra hijau mas não é. A linha atol da Decortiles possui 3 cores no formato 15x15. Muito mais fácil de instalar, não precisa de argamassa especial, não desplaca e não descalcifica (manchas brancas na superfície). E a linha atol é bem mais barata que uma pedra natural: R$109 por m2 à vista
an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by greenery next to a large white house with stairs leading up to it
28 Refreshing plunge pools that are downright dreamy
an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by trees and stone walls, with green tiles on the edge
Sunrise Never Ends – Sea, Sun, Bohème & Rock n'Roll
two vases sitting next to each other on top of a pool in a garden
Zillow Learning Center
a small pool surrounded by landscaping and plants
nice flagstone. I like how it goes to the edge of the pool
a large pool with waterfall and rocks in the middle, surrounded by greenery on both sides
Custom Swimming Pools Priced Between $60k-$125k+ | Platinum Pools
Slide and jumping rocks! Custom Swimming Pool Photos, Platinum Pool Photos, Pool Pics | Platinum Pools