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the dining room table is surrounded by modern glass and wood pieces, along with black chairs
Pacific View Point - Picture gallery 2
Pacific View Point - Picture gallery 2
a chair sitting in the middle of a kitchen
Black and natural wood kitchen block Interior Design Kitchen, Modern Kitchen Design, Interior Design, Cuisine Design Moderne, Office Interiors, Interior Architecture, Interieur, Kitchen Room Design
Detail kitchen module with storage small apartment
Apartment in France, interior design by ixm agence. 🛎Click on image or visit button for full tour. Save it 📌📌
a dining room table with four chairs next to a spiral stair case in an open floor plan
Casa Paco by Miguel Crespo Picot
a kitchen and dining area with stairs leading up to the upper floor, along with a wooden table and chairs
a kitchen with green cabinets and red refrigerator freezer next to two black bar stools
an empty kitchen with blue cabinets and wood flooring on the walls, along with a wooden countertop
a kitchen with blue cabinets and wooden flooring next to a dining room table filled with chairs
a kitchen with bookshelves and cabinets in it
Shepperton — Uncommon Projects
Shepperton — Uncommon Projects