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Бохо-Стиль вечной женственности . Gypsy — 11 KALIYANA LOCATIONS | OK.RU

Manifold Skirt in Meiji Roma. ( "Less minimal than modular. I'm showing so much of this line of clothing because it's the closest creation I've seen to the intention behind Units and Multiples. Now it's the 'One'.


Alphonse Mucha, Nocturnal Slumber Alphonse Mucha achieved his fame as a leading artist of the Art Nouveau movement in Paris, specialising in portraits of elegant young women enhanced with delicate floral motifs.

~many years after the fallout, the climate plunged, leaving our village with two choices. Now we don't talk about the others who chose to leave. Now we stick together in this unforgiving forest because  my father was a strong but stubborn man. Now, I can't remember a time when I didn't live in the kill frost zone.

Meira Durand as Mina in the 2011 German movie "Die Sterntaler" (The Star Money) a Brothers Grimm tale. Such a cute mori style outfit.