Oszkár Gődér

Oszkár Gődér

Oszkár Gődér
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some guys from Dresden combined this picture from the Frauenkirche with an old one and I think it's a beautiful idea

Deus do Sol do Antigo Egito. No período da Quinta Dinastia se tornou uma das principais divindades da religião egípcia, ...

Ra- Egyptian myth: a solar deity with a falcon head. he has dominion over the sky, earth, and underworld. he created all forms of life by speaking their secret names. humans, however, were created by his sweat and tears.

The heart of the sky

God is love. God is good. God is merciful. God is full of grace. Because God is all these things and much more, He wants to give to His children. Giving is something that just comes naturally to Him.