Shabby Chic Bedroom

Lace Wallpaper Border among many other things about this room that are so romantic and beautiful. What a beautiful girls' room.

Good Country French breakfast area. The draperies nedd to stack back more if possible- maybe there's room on the left & you could do a one way draw. Unusual to put a medallion where you wouldn't see it a lot of the time. Designer Debi Davis. At Home in Arkansas.

French Country breakfast nook - LOVE the bench cushion and drapes, great trestle table too - oh and the carved medallion over the window to balance out the negative decorating before and after room design decorating

S ℎ a b b y . C ℎ i c

Charming dressing table area with echoes of vintage glamour in subtle beiges, whites and creams, with black for contrast. Chandelier, vintage mirror and pictures all add to the boudoir atmosphere .

French bohemian with vintage and nonchalant style clashes

Franskt bohemiskt med vintage och nonchalanta stilkrockar

Shabby Chic

great tile floor white and gold bedroom. gorgeous floors, wallpaper, bed and antique beaded chandelier Floor designs gorgeous wood floor des.

. . . Cabin & Cottage

My Visit to VIGNETTES at Ocean Beach

Cabin & Cottage: My Visit to VIGNETTES at Ocean Beach looks like Vera Grace's in Marine City, mi---Lots of white and lace in this booth

dare to be different

On Apartment Therapy's Green Rooms: The Color of Spring and Envy : a stunning pink Juju hat on a mossy green wall.

red table

María Lladó Barcelona home traditional eclectic dining room eclectic disco balls Saarinen Platner

So FRENCH BOHEMIAN (this color, I need it)

It was originally bright pink and named after a lollipop, that sounds about right. Julian Schnabel’s homage to himself, Palazzo Chupi, rises like a pink Barbie house in the West Village. The artist/