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If anyone needs to talk message/talk to me and I WILL get to YOU as soon as I can!<i am always on my phone and I always get excited when I have a notification and do my best to respond so feel free

Did Gerard decide what Patrick would wear. Man, if so, I'm surprised he let Patrick borrow one of his sassy boas.

Just because I ate the entire box doesn't mean I don't have a life; It just means that my life tastes really goooood!

HAHA yes. lol or when you say something and you didn't think it was that funny and everyone starts laughing really hard but you feel like a boss

I don't have time in my life for random guilt trips from strangers. That's what my bloody anxiety is for.<<<Ikr all the horrible things that say "ur a terrible person if u ead this" and I'm just like "really?

I do this but only because my mom takes company more seriously than me. If I emphasize that "she's hungry" we're getting food a lot faster.

Oliver Sykes>>>probably the best shirt ever:)

Inspiring image cute, drop dead clothing, oli sykes, tattoos by aaron_s - Resolution - Find the image to your taste