Taiwan Blue Magpie

Facts You Never Knew Taiwan Blue Magpies. The Taiwan Blue Magpie also called "long-tailed mountain lady", is a member of the Crow family. It is an endemic species living in the mountains of Taiwan at elevations of 300 to

Polar bears - little bite

Baby polar bear climbs all over mom and bites her ear. Mothers of all kinds must have patience!

♥ Japanese Crane Courtship Dance | ©

RED CROWNED CRANE - Japanese Crane Courtship Dance - Japanese cranes have one of the most intricate and beautiful courtship dances in the world. These birds can live for 60 years.

Polar Bear and Cubs

Polar Bear and Cubs. There is nothing more comfortable than a bear skin rug (with mom in it),

Bewick Swan - by mikeD_CircleD

Bewick Swans - in flight - by mikeD_CircleD.- Bewick swans are a smaller subspecies of the trumpeter swan.

Of course I love this picture. Looks like a horse I used to own.

13 Animals With Fabulous Hair

blue cranes

A lover's dance by ariseandrejoice - Blue Cranes at the International Crane Foundation, Baraboo, WI. Cranes often mate for life, and dancing strengthens their bond

Welcome to heaven!

our-amazing-world: “ Gorgeous red bird Amazing World beautiful amazing ”

Beautiful winter

Doves in the snow. White racing pigeons are most often used for ceremonial release. The pure white pigeon or Rock Dove is associated with all good traits: peace, hope, love, goodwill and family to name a few.