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Szilvia Ozsváriné

Szilvia Ozsváriné
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Winter the dolphin! The little dolphin who's story was told in the movie Dolphin Tail

Winter was a wild dolphin until she was caught in a crab net and had to have her tail amputated. She lives at a marine animal wildlife rehabilitation center and is the first dolphin to ever be fitted with a prosthetic tail -Dolphin Tale

Swimming with dolphins was one of the highlights of my life!

Will be my last pin on here since mod/OP can't keep the trashy and spam pins off the board.

Mother Dolphin and her newborn.              So precious!

A 3 ½ foot-long, dolphin was born at Discovery Cove on Friday, November 30 at a. This birth is notable because it marks the first time a dolphin at Discovery Cove has successfully given birth to a calf […]