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the words cool to be kind are in front of an orange and yellow sunburst
retro growth mindset classroom poster cool to be kind
an orange and pink background with wavy lines
a pink and yellow background with white daisies on the bottom right hand corner is an image of a smiley face in the middle
the sun is shining brightly in front of an orange background with pink and yellow stripes
✰p i n t e r e s t: xxsarahelisexx✰
the wall is covered with many different types of cards and envelopes, including blue flowers
four different shades of green, pink and orange in the same color scheme for an interior design project
Color Palette No. 004 Farmers Market | Color Palette | Light Pink, Rust, Sage and Dark Green
four different shades of green, pink and white with the same color scheme on them
Colour Palette - Pink & Green
Pink & green together always reminds me of spring ✨
A close-up photo of delicate wildflowers in misty rose, peachy pink, and pale green hues. Gift Wrapping, Spring Colors, Peachy Pink, Green Branding, Palette
Soft & Dreamy: Misty Rose, Peachy Pink, & Pale Green Palette
Capture the essence of blossoming love with this ethereal palette. Misty Rose (HEX: #fadbd5) brings a blush of tenderness, Peachy Pink (HEX: #f5b6ce) adds a touch of warmth, and Pale Green (HEX: #A7D3A6) evokes fresh new beginnings. Perfect for romantic designs, wedding invitations, or springtime branding. #springcolors #springcolors2024 #springcolorspalette #brandcolorpalette