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Exclusive: Landsat satellite images capture Earth evolving over 30 years. See climate change, glaciers melting, deforestation, urban sprawl

55 – TIERRA 40 - Clouds encircle the lofty rim of Africa's Mount Elgon, a huge, long-extinct volcano on the border between Uganda and Kenya. The solitary volcano has one of the world's largest intact calderas, a cauldron-like central depression.

Fjords and waves on the southeastern coast of GreenlandDuring the summer melting season, the East Greenland Current swirls newly calved icebergs and sea ice into stunning shapes.

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Earth as Art: beautiful satellite images of Earth from the Landsat programme

Exclusive: Landsat satellite images capture Earth evolving over 30 years.

At first glance, these vivid images look like abstract paintings. But look again and you'll realize that they are actually photographs of earth from space.

What look like pale yellow paint streaks slashing through a mosaic of mottled colors are ridges of wind-blown sand that make up Erg Iguidi, an area of ever-shifting sand dunes extending from Algeria into Mauritania in northwestern Africa.

Exclusive timelapse: See climate change, deforestation and urban sprawl unfold as Earth evolves over 30 years.

The Earth looks pretty darn cool from way, way up in the sky. Technically, NASA's Landsat series of Earth observation satellites are critical for

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