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an outdoor area overlooking the ocean with potted plants and greenery on either side
Benvenuti in Sicilia
a white vase with brown designs on it
Louvre site des collections
Boisseau aux serpents Iran - Suse I - 4200 à 3800 av. J.-C. Suse Terre cuite peinte H. : 30 cm. ; D. : 20,60 cm Paris, mdL.
three horses are depicted on the wall in this ancient painting, one running while another runs
Stephen Ellcock
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an ancient mosaic depicting the birth of venus and cupid surrounded by fish, sea creatures
Bust of Tethys - Antioch and Roman mosaic at Baltimore Art Museum
Bust of Tethys - Antioch and Roman mosaic at Baltimore Art… | Flickr
an animal is depicted on a mosaic
Une mosaïque romaine avec quelques problèmes de perspective et de rapports à l’espace...
an artistic painting with fish and octopuses on it's side, in the style of pompeii
Tony Potter on Twitter
Tony Potter on Twitter: "Apparently it’s #NationalOctopusDay… "
an ancient roman mosaic with a horse and tree in the center stock photo image of
Libya Cyrenaica Qsar Ancient Well Preserved Stock Photo 67624648 | Shutterstock
Libya Cyrenaica Qsar ancient well preserved Byzantine mosaic depicting a leopard
a mosaic with a dog on it's side
Natural Area Rugs
Roman mosaic. Pompeii. "Beware of Dog"
an animal is depicted on a mosaic in the middle of a room with trees and leaves
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A mosaic of the wolf suckling Romulus and Remus, the twin founders of Rome, from the Roman fortress site at Aldborough near Leeds, circa 300 CE
an ancient roman mosaic depicting two men on horses and a tiger
Villa Romana del Casale - Wonders of Sicily - SICILIA
Mosaic in Villa Romana del Casale, Piazza Armerina, Sicily
an archway leading into a bathroom with stone walls
villa mediterranea grecia santorini - Buscar con Google
an open window in the middle of a room
From Moon to Moon
Beautiful window and view. Makes you wonder what happen that it is unoccupied.
an old door painted with blue, yellow and red colors has a bird on it
Ponza Island, Italy I've pinned A LOT of these really rustic but colorful doors. They describe my home decor style perfectly. Rustic and colorful. Its just beautiful.