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a close up of a mushroom with two eyes on it's head and nose
Pflanzenmarkierungen & Stecken -
Gartenstecker Anna von Atelier-Keramixx auf
five ceramic cats sitting on top of a wooden fence
Zaunhocker aus Metall
Zaunhocker - fraufuchss Webseite!
some very cute looking plants with eyes on it's heads in the grass and bushes
a white hippo laying in the grass with its head on it's back
Hippo Garden Sculpture, Hippopotamus Lawn Ornament, Teacher Christmas Gift, Birthday Garden Gifts, Yard Art, Cast Iron Decor, Statue, Xmas - Etsy
I really like this!
three chickens sitting on top of a wooden bench in front of some grass and bushes
handgemaakte keramiek kippen op stok
five wooden toy animals sitting on top of a fence
Zaunhocker aus Metall
colorful flowers are arranged in the garden by a wooden fence with blue siding behind them
Beeldige Beelden van klei...
Beeldige Beelden: Beeldige Beelden van klei...
many small red and white mushrooms in the grass
Töpfern - Bine Brändle
Töpfern – Bine Brändle
two pink birds are standing in the grass near flowers and plants, one has its beaks open
Kunsthandwerk & Töpferei Serfati
Willkommen in der Töpferei Osterode. Steck-Hühner (Preis ca. € 19,00) Gartenstecker (Preis ca. € 12,00) Lustige Köpfe ...
two black and white ceramic ducks sitting in purple flowers with their heads turned to look like they are looking at each other
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Keramiek vogels/ceramic birds | ALICERAMIC