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En kjekk knute/løsning for å lukke poser og sekker. Ser for meg at dette er en smart patent for heising av sekker også.

A handsome knot/solution to close bags and sacks. Appears to me that this is a smart patent for raising sacks as well.

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With their nomadic traditions and history as sailors, caravaneers, and explorers, decorative knots are often found in Birdfolk ornamentation :: Three part crown knot C

Field & Stream Knot Guide

The Running Bowline Use it to hang gear, drag game, or form a snare. The beauty of this knot is that it does not weaken rope and is easy to untie. -"Keith McCafferty Form a bight near one end of the


Bowline The Bowline forms a secure loop that will not jam and is easy to tie and untie. The Bowline is most commonly used for forming a fixed loop, large or small at the end of a line. It is said to retain of the strength of the line in which it is tied.

How to tie a Perfection Loop Knot

How to tie a "Perfection Loop" Knot- I've never heard of this so I don't know what it's intended for, but I tied it and it makes a nice terminal loop that doesn't jam up under tension