Stove, furnace, etc

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I like the duality between the stone and the wood, doesn't have to be exactly like it but presents a good shelter and oven idea.
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Oh wow, stunning Hood and oven set up!
Build Naturally with Sigi Koko Winter is in its last gasps here...hoping we won't need heat much longer...but wouldn't be quite as depressing with a beautifully sculpted masonry heater like this one, designed & built by
Beautiful rustic kitchen
Also known as masonry stoves, kachelofens, Russian fireplaces, Finnish fireplaces, Swedish stoves, tile stoves, contra-flow fireplaces, radiant fireplaces and mass-storage fireplaces. Inside, masonry stoves burn hotter than metal wood stoves and their winding maze of flue (baffles) warms the surrounding masonry, which then emits heat for 18 to 24 hours.
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