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an old button and needle are sitting on a piece of fabric with text overlay that says how to make a vintage button needle minder
How to Make a Vintage Button Needle Minder and Needle Threader
the secret to making the best magnetic pin holder ever
The Secret To Making the Best Magnetic Pin Holder Ever! | Just Vintage Home
four cross stitched napkins on top of each other
ラージサイズのピンクション出来上がり(xLekiのフリーチャート) | バンクーバー日々是々
an image of a sewing project with scissors and thread
the vintage style needle book has been made into a table mat with flowers and ribbons
A vintage finish and childlike creativity...
a red and white plate with flowers on it next to a pair of gold scissors
Old things and old ways...
an empty cake tin sitting on top of a counter next to a flowered napkin
DIY Pin Cushion Chair from Tuna Cans
the paper doll is cut out and ready to make it's own food item
Emails e Mensagens
the diagram shows how to make a cut - out for cupcakes and pies
Felt Food Patterns (Link Love) - The Mombot
two cupcakes with chocolate frosting and sprinkles are on a plate
Felt Cupcake Pincushion Tutorial: Two Delicious Options
Felt Cupcake Pincushion Tutorial: Two Delicious Options – Felting
a pillow that says, please enter your pin on the front and back of it
Pin Cushion Roundup | Make:
four pictures showing different types of crafting supplies in tins with scissors and yarn
Project: Altoids Tin Travel Embroidery Kit - Make:
Make your own travel sewing travel kit— complete with a magnetic pincushion, a needle-holding magnet, and a removable organizer pouch with special places for pins and needles, a thimble, and a needle threader.
a yellow pincush sitting on top of a measuring tape
Day 5- Sewing Sisters