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Yeah it's sad that all we want is a stable life, but at the same time, isn't that what every generation has wanted?

My future terrifies me. When I see how unhappy my parents are because they never had a dream come true, it leaves me crying at night, scared that I'll never be completely, truely happy. My future terrifies me.

Well, there are 6 new Free! movies coming out next season apparently, according to

So they're finally going to tell us what happened to my precious Asahi and Ikuya, so maybe they'll answer that terrifying plot hole of WHAT THR HELL HAPPENDD TO SOUSUKE!

LOve how scared Nitori looks to misplace a block ...  Free! - Iwatobi Swim Club, free!, iwatobi, rin matsuoka, rin, matsuoka, sousuke yamazaki, yamazaki, sousuke, nitori, nitori aiichiro, aiichiro, mikoshiba, momotaro, momotarou, momotarou mikoshiba, momotaro mikoshiba

rockets: “based on manda’s headcanons which i wanna draw a whole book for because papa rin and sousuke over ai and momo is a best way to slay me ”

momotarou mikoshiba - Buscar con Google

soodyo: “ headcanon momo gets freckles after extended exposure to the sun and that’s why he didn’t want to join the swim club at first ”