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Great success! With 24 parks in our European Wilderness Preservation System, we are proud to announce the protection of over half Million hectares.

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PAN Parks is featured partner of the WILD10 - 10th World Wilderness Congress

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Our first travel guide of Europe's last remaining wilderness areas if finally out! The e-book titled 'Traveling to the Wild South' introduces Majella NP and Peneda-Geres NP

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Are you curiuos, what did our foundation reach in 2012? We have many issues accomplished! We couldn't make these without your support! Thanks to all of you! Photo: MNP Archives

A historic vote in the European Parliament will lead to the creation of large scale of no-take zones in the seas, eventually having wilderness concept implemented in oceans and seas! Photo: Archipelago National Park Archives

27 September is World Tourism Day and PAN Parks launches its new #WILDERNESS #TRAVEL website! The first website purely focusing on visiting and enjoying Europe's true wilderness areas! A website which is dedicated to turn visitors into wilderness advocates!

Download the first travel guide of Europe's last remaining wilderness FOR FREE! Just for 3 days, from 4th to 6th June, the e-book is downloadable from Amazon for free!

We wish you a Happy and Wild New Year!

We have only 4 more weeks to Christmas. Did you find out the perfect gift? What about saving Europe's wilderness? Join our fight and donate now at Photo: iStock

Christmas is about love. Do you love nature? Do you love wilderness? If yes, your donation to save Europe's wilderness is the perfect gift! Join our fight at Photo: iStock