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Brown bear hiding behind a tree in Retezat National Park


Siberian Jay in Fulufjället National Park


Can any authorities aim to decline the wolf population of an India-sized region from 3500 to 500 as a "state of emergency"? It's really sad, but yes, in Russia (Siberia, Yakutia region) they can! Photo: MNP Archives


Beautiful salamander from Italian wilderness, photo taken by Bruno d'Amicis


Vultures....the angry birds ;-)

In climate puzzle for crops, ancient tree offers clues

Mountain guide Eduardo Zuniga stands by an ancient spruce in Fulufjallet, southern Sweden, October 4, 2012. On a windswept Swedish mountain, a 10,000-year-old spruce with a claim to be the world's oldest tree is getting a new lease of life thanks to global warming, even as many plants are struggling. At a range of latitudes, but especially in the far north, climate change is bringing bigger than expected swings, putting billions of dollars at stake in a push to develop varieties with…

White tailed eagle, spectacular species. This individual was chased away by ravens in 5 minutes

Brown bear exists in many of the Certified PAN Parks (although this was photographed from a hide south of Oulanka)

Apennine chamois in Majella National Park