Renáta Paor-Smolcz

Renáta Paor-Smolcz

Renáta Paor-Smolcz
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7 Cute DIY Coffee Bars - Holly Jo's Coffee

(I like that this set up is something you could add anywhere--doesn't necessarily have to be in the kitchen) 7 Cute DIY Coffee Bars - Holly Jo's Coffee

I love this idea! Saw a version of this done at a Starbuck's once and they used the jar fulla coffee beans to hold pens at the checkout! haha!;)♥

Vanilla candles in coffee beans! I also have a vanilla candle in a votive, and while the wax was still melted I added coffee beans so they would dry into the candle. it makes me crave more coffee.

Like all but not the metal countertop

At home coffee station idea. Coffee bar Built-in chalkboard backsplash and wood shelves make this coffee bar have a rustic feel. Perfect for any farmhouse. I don't think I would do this personally, but I think it's really fun :)