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the young man is wearing a blue sweatshirt and khaki pants with his hands on his head
a young boy standing in front of a fish tank holding his arm up to the side
two pictures of a person with headphones on
three young people standing next to each other
two people sitting at a table with food in front of them and an image of a cat on the wall behind them
two people sitting on a curb with an emoticive smiley face
a young boy wearing sunglasses and a hat with the letter d on it's side
two boys standing in front of the hollywood sign
two people on skateboards in front of a building at night with one person riding the skateboard
Huening Kai (TXT) & Lea (VIVA) - Predebut Dancing
a young boy wearing a santa hat while sitting next to an older man in a chair
two men holding swords in their hands while standing on the floor at a hotel lobby