मजहब नहीं सिखाता आपस में बैर रखना......
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an old man waving out the window of a car with his hand in front of him
an old man with long white hair and beard in front of a quote
Raunak ~ Osho Quotes.
an old man sitting in front of two gongs and reading a paper with the caption
an old man with a long beard and wearing a turban
a full moon with the words in english and an image of clouds below it on a cloudy night
Happiness, Decoration, Inspirational, Singh
a poster with an image of a man and birds
an old man holding up a sign in front of his face with words written on it
a man with a long beard holding a lit candle in his hand and looking at the camera
Love Quotes, Love, Osho Quotes Love, Qoutes, Hindi Qoutes
an old man sitting in a chair with his hands up and the words written on it