Székely-Hungarian Rovás (Hungarian Runes) were used to write Hungarian up till the in some areas of Hungary.

Map Austro-Hungarian Empire 1914

Overlay map of the Austro-Hungarian Empire onto the current map of Europe today. This is in just before WWI.

This political map shows Europe in This connects to human geography because it shows how Europe's boundaries have change during the world war eras.

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The inner structure of a yurt

A map of Hungary during world War II -- to the North is Nazi Germany, to the South German-occupied Croatia and Serbia, Italy (Olasz) and Romania. Hungarian-majority areas of the neighboring states were annexed to Hungary.

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Based on the analysis of findings from the time of the Hungarian conquest, geneticists state that our ancestors’ DNA was quite similar to the Huns’.

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Thermal Baths, Basin, Budapest Hungary, Maps, Spa Baths, Cards

Thermal Baths, Basin, Budapest Hungary, Maps, Spa Baths, Cards

a-magyarok-vandorlasa-1-valtozat; Magyar way to Hungary

Magyar way to Hungary