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a close up of a sheep in a pen
Julia Métraux on Twitter
Julia Métraux on Twitter: "Please enjoy this sheep… "
two brown and white birds sitting on top of a tree branch in the snow,
Native American Art
Pair of Red Shouldered Hawks
a wolf with its mouth open and it's tongue out
Life like wolf.. wild and always with friends.. everybody need somebody to life better, right ?
a painting of a wolf running through water
an owl sitting on top of a tree branch
Peering Out by Dale Kincaid
Peering Out - Great Horned Owl by Dale Kincaid
a wooden plaque with a wolf on it's face is hanging on the wall
a bird flying in the sky with it's wings spread
Wingspan by GarryKirsch.deviantart.com on @deviantART
an image of a wolf that is looking to the side with his eyes closed and head turned
Love For Wolves
I think I have pinned this before - ☀gorgeous wolves
a wolf is walking through the woods