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a man with a beard and no tengo memes and an aesthetic look on his face
a close up of a small animal with a caption in spanish on the side
a hamster is sitting on top of a piece of paper with its mouth open
Portgas_d_kira on instagram
two people sitting at a table with a cat in front of them and the caption reads, por favor no diga cosas capitales capitalistaas delante del gato
Meme Lenin
a man with his hand up in front of him and the caption says, que fala de comension que tenes
an animated image with the words dale con la silla
Niñeros ¬¬ FNAFHS y tu
a woman in a green dress standing next to a tree with an animal behind her
two people standing next to each other in front of a brick wall with the caption debo adminir que me cale