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Gyorgyi Patruna

Gyorgyi Patruna
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Bathroom side table

Did you have to say goodbye to a favorite tree? Ask the arborist to save you a piece about this size. You can remove the bark, lightly sand and then seal (with poly, or beeswax) and use as a table. Good idea for some of our trees we need to inspiration

Mosaic Tile Birdbath using Recycled DVDs

Mosaic Tile Birdbath using Recycled DVDs. Recycling CD's and DVD's isn't easy. This diy birdbath is a great idea for a weekend upcycling project.

hide things behind paintings

Hidden Jewelry Holder - This is an awesome DIY project. All you need is a couple nails, some hinges a little bit of altering and a place to hang a pretty picture. I think it's a good idea, and a convenient way to hide your valuables.

Built-In Shelves:DIscover hidden storage space in your walls

DIY - Use this project for built-in shelves to unlock hidden storage space between the studs in your walls. Install a single, open box of shelves, or install two boxes and add a set of glass doors.

Remodelaholic | Vanity Fair, How We Built Our Bathroom Vanity

We were asked recently how we built our master bathroom vanity from the Downing house , pictured below: I have to admit this is one of my f.