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a young man sitting in front of a mirror looking at his hair and make - up
a man with a microphone in his mouth and an earpiece to the side, standing on a stage
a young man sitting on the ground wearing black and white shoes with a hoodie over his head
a man holding three donuts up to his face while standing next to another person
kim jiwoong
a male doctor in white coat and stethoscope holding something up to his ear
Kim Jiwoong
a young man holding up a laptop computer
kim jiwoong
a man with glasses on top of his head looking at the camera while wearing a denim jacket
kim jiwoong
a young man sitting at a table with toothbrushes in his mouth and an electronic device
Kim Ji Woong
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the young man is wearing a white shirt
kim jiwoong
a man sitting in a chair with a stuffed animal on his shoulder, looking off to the side
the young man is wearing a headset
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