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Riding with a friend xD
two young boys sitting on the floor tying their red tennis shoes with one shoelace
This Five-Year-Old's Trick For Tying Shoes Is Going Viral
This Five-Year-Old's Trick For Tying Shoes Is Going Viral - Neatorama
a green table with toy farm animals on it in the grass next to a tree
Spool Play Table Farm
Easy toddler activity
Easy and fun toddler learning activity - how to keep a toddler busy - toddler development
two young boys playing with construction vehicles in the sand
DIY Sand and Rock Box - FSPDT
Did you know you can make slime with chia seeds?
We had so much fun making this dinosaur swamp with some leftover chia seed! First I mixed a 1/4 cup of chia seed and 1 1/2 cups of water and refrigerated overnight. To make a chia slime all you need to do is add cornflour/ cornstarch. I added just 1/2 a cup as I still wanted it to flow a bit to fill the bottom of the PlayTRAY. If you wanted it a bit more slime-like and to come off the hands easily just keep adding cornflour until the right consistency is achieved. I set this up with stones and greenery from the garden and then just added some dinosaurs! Chia seed can get messy so this is a good one for outside and definitely worth wearing old clothes! We buy chia seed in bulk on Amazon as it’s much cheaper than the supermarket and as you only need a little bit each time, a packet last
Brincadeira lúdica infantil
It’s that easy! 🙌🏻 Cut out foam shapes to stick and move on glass using a spritz of water 💦
a plastic container filled with yellow toys on top of a sandy ground next to rocks
DIY Sand and Rock Box - FSPDT
a birthday cake with monster jam trucks on top
Pin by Lisa Ramsay on Cakes... | Truck birthday cakes, Monster truck birthday cake, Monster jam birthday cake
a birthday cake that is shaped like a dirt track
Monster Truck - Four Oaks Bakery
Monster Truck - Four Oaks Bakery